NERTA THUNDERWAX is a super concentrated drying, gloss and preservation wax, based on nanotechnology.

Available in 5L, 25L, 1000L

Product Description

THUNDERWAX is a superconcentrated drying, gloss and preservation wax, based on high-quality polymers, nanotechnology and paint protection.

It gives the coachwork a deep and shining gloss, a durable paint protection and a strong water repellent effect.

Combined with NERTA RAINDRYER, the car will have an excellent drying result.

The soft touch film that is formed, is resistant to harmful weather conditions like ultraviolet radiation and acid rain, even after multiple washings. Contains pleasant coconut extracts.

Product Use

  • Application(s)
  • Use(s)
  • Vehicle Care
  • Application(s)
  • Manual HP Wash, Roll-over, Self Carwash, Tunnel Carwash
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  • Wax & Polish
Get this extremely powerful polish and wax agent.

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