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NERTA LACTIBAC is a general disinfectant active against a broad spectrum of micro-organisms based on lactic acid.

Available in 5L, 25L

Product Description

LACTIBAC has been developed especially for different applications in the food industry. A non-limitative list of applications are slaughterhouses, industrial kitchens, disinfection of surfaces that come in contact with food, etc.

LACTIBAC is a product based only on food-contact approved components. Thanks to this type of formulation, you will be able to disinfect without the obligation to rinse after disinfection. The combination of food-contact approved components guarantees a decent disinfection in slightly soiled environments.

This formula is the perfect alternative for the expensive knife disinfection in slaughter houses.

Product Use

  • Application(s)
  • Use(s)
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Application(s)
  • Disinfection
  • Use(s)
  • CIP, Foaming
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